After attending the Saturday opening and the splendid performance by Molly et al, I was just too emotional to return on 9/11. Our son just returned from Iraq – he's 19 and very disillusioned…he wanted to serve his country. I lost a brother in the North Tower of the WTC and many friends from our old neighborhood in Staten Island – They would ALL have strongly disapproved of the actions of the Bush administration. Thank you for a moving tribute to the victims of tragedy, their families & friends, and most of all the courageous members of our armed forces.
Kate & Joe Klose, Los Alamos, NM

I am grateful that I was able to see this moving and inspirational exhibition. It is painful to think of the consequences of our nation's decisions, the brunt of which is borne so heavily by so few, repeatedly. The ideas of "honoring" and "making visible" and "transformation" in this work are strong and awesome. Thank you, and thanks to all the people who devoted hours of time to bringing all this to fruition.
Maia Sampson Michael

When we are faced with a situation which seems so surreal, ridiculous, incredulous, and the like, all we can do, and indeed what we should do, is honor those placed squarely therein. The Love Armor project has done just that - and done it on behalf of many. Thank you.

This reminds me of a book I read not too long ago about the stress a young boy goes through after his father is killed in the 9/11 attacks – "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close". (amazing book by the way) The boy is forever dealing with his trauma by inventing new ideas in his head. "What about parachuttes for skyscrapers….What about air bags for earth…what about …" What about a tea cozy for a tank? Perfect. Love and peace to you all. Thank you for such an amazing piece!
Zoe Michael

Well! We have all heard "peace in our time" –out of many mouths – starting with WWI. WWI and II were supposed to be the "war to end all wars". We all live with hope. Perhaps we can accomplish peace in OUR time. This wonderful exhibit certainly shows the hope and love of our generation. May this register in everyone's heart and mind. Shirley, your heart beats in pure truth. With Love,
Joy and Howard Berlin

I am glad we came all the way from Massachusetts for this event.
Paula Raposa
P.S. And my cousin who helped me knit came all the way from the Azores – Portugal.

As the former wife and best friend always of a Vietnam veteran – a wonderful man, who died a death of passive suicide – and who suffered enormously as a direct result of his military experience, I thank you - And for him, a decorated war hero, Charles Riley Jennings. Thank you.
Ana Jennings

What a great idea! The "Love Armor" should become a traveling exhibit all around the country to make a case for peace!
Ann Hoffmann

As I walk through the gallery, I am so filled with emotion and I'm so proud to know you.
Lise Konigsberg

It's hard to express the impact I felt, but it was a shock of love to see the gentle hands of the knitters working together to transform the Humvee. Moved to tears,
Karen Morse

Shirley -You have truly orchestrated a "knitting together" of community for peace. May the knitting continue until we stitch together peace for the world. To the knitters - Fabulous job. Breathtaking!

It is always moving and stunning when the work of women's hands- and the vision of women - come together to protest injustice and war. I am moved by this gentle act of loving protest that doesn't condemn our soldiers, but seems to cradle and protect and honor them in a warm, hand knit, deceptively simple, embrace. I wish I had been part of this project!
Daven Lee

Amazing and awesome – wonderful and creative. Congratulations.
Joni Palmer

As a spouse of a veteran that has served in Iraq for 18 months, this symbol of love to our troops is very much appreciated. Thank you for all your support and love for the troops.
Susan Weingates

Thanks for supporting our troops. God bless America and its defenders of freedom. Great working with you.
SFC Weingates, Mark

I am a 70 year old navy vet. The project does make us aware that all America needs to be touched and engaged when our country is at war. The draft unfortunately is necessary and our govt. should get that message to the general public.
Charles M. Weathenk
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